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Over the Rhine’s “Trumpet Child” Tour Kickoff

From the Over the Rhine MySpace page: Starting August 31, Over the Rhine will kick off the TRUMPET CHILD 2007 WORLD TOUR with a gala Album Release Concert at Coney Island Moonlight Gardens in Cincinnati, OH. - shortly followed by the first leg of the tour, beginning September 13 in Seattle, Washington.Beginning this Saturday, June 2nd at Midnight Eastern Time (that's either Friday Night or Saturday morning - depending on your preference), you'll be able to buy tickets for the 8/31 Coney … [Read more...]

Sufjan Stevens Plays The Innocence Mission

In this Pitchfork blog entry on Sufjan Stevens, there's a link to video of Sufjan Stevens (hooray!) performing a cover of The Innocence Mission's "The Lakes of Canada" (hooray!!!) … [Read more...]

Victor Morton on “the Russian Abortion Film”

I agree with Victor Morton.Let's not condemn a movie before we see it. … [Read more...]

John Wilson (Books and Culture) on the New Michael Chabon Novel

John Wilson reviews The Yiddish Policemen's Union: The Yiddish Policemen's Union is the best new novel I've read so far this year, and I won't be surprised if it wins another Pulitzer or some comparable recognition. It is also a deeply frustrating book... … [Read more...]

Film, Faith, and Justice: A Film Festival

Here's my good friend Martin Stillion writing about this year's Film, Faith, and Justice film festival in Seattle. Sounds like I missed a challenging event. (Wanted to go, but deadlines took over.) … [Read more...]

Star Wars Week: “Clone Wars” Trailer, Star Wars Muppets

As I mentioned Friday, it's the week of Star Wars' 30th birthday, so I'm trying to put aside my resentment over the prequels' failures and remember what made Star Wars great.You know, I might just get excited about Star Wars again if I'm not distracted by bad acting, bad directing, or bad scripts. We'll see what Clone Wars looks like when we actually get to experience the stories, but the animation in this promotional preview grabbed and held my attention.Oh, and here's something … [Read more...]

Sinead O’Connor’s Psalms

Theology, the latest album by Sinead O'Connor, is coming next month.Her life has certainly been interesting to watch from a distance, but I gotta say, there aren't many singers whose gifts move me the way O'Connor's voice does. Whatever strange turns she might take, whatever claims she may make about herself in the next wave of interviews, I'll always be there to hear her sing, and be grateful to the Creator who fashioned that voice.In fact, I'm going to listen to "Fire on Babylon" right … [Read more...]

My Favorite 10 Minutes of David Letterman… Ever.

This interview was my favorite ten minutes of late-night talk show ever... this spontaneous, unpredictable David Letterman interview with Steve Martin about Roxanne, Bill Murray, and the fine art of pencil-throwing."And if you've ever been on the floor of a context..."Oh, how I miss THAT Steve Martin.It's also cool to see the commercials that came on during the break. And to consider that some of Dave's most creative stuff took place during the writers' strike. … [Read more...]

“It was 30 Years Ago Today Ben Kenobi Taught the Farmboy to Play…”

On May 25, 1977, Star Wars arrived.I could wax nostalgic and tell you what that did to my seven-year-old imagination, how it changed my life, how it encouraged me to envision "a larger world" ... but I've told that story in Through a Screen Darkly.I'd like to know your Star Wars story.Where did you first see it? With whom? How old were you (if you're willing to share)? What was your first impression? How has your impression changed? Did the movie have any kind of influence … [Read more...]

A Few Words from Geoffrey S. Deweese

Stopped over at the blog of my dear friend Geoffrey Deweese, a military attorney stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington; husband of my longtime friend Melody Fields, and father of two newborn twins, and two more beautiful children.I remember when Geoffrey wrote for Seattle Pacific's student newspaper. He has always been a guy with a heart as big or bigger than his formidable intellect. His job is challenging, and his courage is great. He and Melody are making a big difference in many … [Read more...]