Over the Rhine’s “Trumpet Child” Tour Kickoff

From the Over the Rhine MySpace page:

Starting August 31, Over the Rhine will kick off the TRUMPET CHILD 2007 WORLD TOUR with a gala Album Release Concert at Coney Island Moonlight Gardens in Cincinnati, OH. – shortly followed by the first leg of the tour, beginning September 13 in Seattle, Washington.

Beginning this Saturday, June 2nd at Midnight Eastern Time (that’s either Friday Night or Saturday morning – depending on your preference), you’ll be able to buy tickets for the 8/31 Coney Island show exclusively at OvertheRhine.com.

At the same time, we’re offering a limited number of pre-sale tickets for the upcoming West Coast dates – for reduced fees and surcharges – for a limited time only at OvertheRhine.com.

Get them before they go onsale elsewhere, and save yourself some money.

See you out there!


Wow. On Thursday, September 13, you can join me for the Over the Rhine tour kick-off in Seattle. And then, that same weekend, you can join me for the big release party for my first novel!

What a fantastic month September’s going to be!

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