“The Tale of Despereaux”: Promising Signs

One of my favorite children’s books… no, scratch that. One of my favorite books is being adapted into an animated feature.

And I’m very nervous. Can the filmmakers do the story justice? The Tale of Despereaux is such a delicate, exquisite story. It’ll be as tough to capture as the tone of Winnie the Pooh. And… like the best children’s books… it holds just as much treasure, or more, for grownups as it does for kids.

Kate DiCamillo isn’t just a writer I enjoy. She’s a writer whose books make me feel an intense longing to write stories as rich and beautiful as hers.

Read The Tiger Rising. It’ll take you a day or two. And it’ll break your heart.

Read The Tale of Despereaux, and you’ll be enchanted.

Apparently, that little mouse with a big dream is enchanting a lot of folks in Hollywood as well. Just look at the talent signing on for this movie!

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  • I heard of this book before, and read some of the amazon reviews that a character got abused several times and the book portrays it as being funny. some couldn’t believe that a book like that won the newbery medal. So that put me off alittle but now i should probably read it and be the judge myself.