Publisher’s Weekly on “Auralia’s Colors”

Approximately one hour after I turned in Cyndere’s Midnight to the publisher, my editor passed along the new Publisher’s Weekly review of Auralia’s Colors

Film critic and author Overstreet (Through a Screen Darkly) offers a powerful myth for his first foray into fiction. The kingdom of Abascar is cloaked in gloom, sentenced to an ongoing “wintering” by a jealous queen, in which colors have been done away with and are only allowed in the royal court. But young Auralia, found as a baby by the river and raised by outcasts, has a talent for finding colors everywhere and bringing them to life in a way no one has ever seen before. The fate of the kingdom rests on what Auralia chooses to do and how the king responds. Overstreet creates a world with not only its own geography but its own vocabulary — it is haunted by beastmen, home to cloudgrasper trees, vawns (something like dinosaurs) and twister fish. There are Christian bones to the story, (particularly in the mystery of the beast called the Keeper, who is always moving about, but he likes to hide just to see who’ll come seeking‚) which may be too obvious to some and not at all clear to others. Overstreet’s writing is precise and beautiful, and the story is masterfully told. Readers will be hungry for the next installment. (Sept.)

What a day!

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  • Jared

    Congratulations. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  • jenny@sojourn.of.grace

    Wow, it sounds intriguing. I am looking forward to reading it, also…:)

  • figarobo

    Great review, Jeffrey. Looking forward to seeing you and Anne again at the Glen in no time at all.

  • phillytle

    That is awesome! I can’t wait to get my copy! I’m glad that you are using the gifts that God has given you to bless and enrich the world around you.

  • jpoundstone

    Wow, Jeff. That is truly, truly fantastic.

  • mattpage

    Congrtats Jeffrey – PW clearly loves you!!

    All the best


  • revnace

    Congratulations! A great recommendation.

  • criesoftheheart

    Congrats, Jeffrey. I know you’re proud, and I’m looking forward to reading it…