Radiohead Re-imagined: David Bazan, My Brightest Diamond, and Cold War Kids


Stereogum has posted a free mp3 album celebrating … and reinventing… Radiohead’s best album (in my humble opinion), OK Computer.

Even better? It features artists like David Bazan’s Black Cloud, My Brightest Diamond, and Cold War Kids.

I’m going to check this out.

Here’s the tracklist:

Doveman – Airbag
Slaraffenland – Paranoid Android
Mobius Band – Subterranean Homesick Alien
Vampire Weekend – Exit Music (For a Film)
David Bazan’s Black Cloud – Let Down
John Vanderslice – Karma Police
Samson Dalonoga feat. The Found Sound Orchestra – Fitter Happier
Cold War Kids – Electioneering
The Twilight Sad – Climbing Up the Walls
Marissa Nadler feat. Black Hole Infinity – No Surprises
My Brightest Diamond – Lucky
Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble – The Tourist

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  • teleguy2

    I just saw David Bazan and he was talking about coming back to Southern California with Black Cloud (his newest band/project). Can’t wait.

    This album would absolutely be in my “10 Albums On An Island” list.

    It’s brilliant, amazing, heart-wrenching, and just plain good. And to think the first time I heard it I really didn’t like it.

    It took three good full listens and then there was no turning back.

  • i4detail

    Have just been passing this link around to everybody meself. I note that my old band covered Subterranean Homesick Alien without my realizing it….