Specials: Lynch, Chaucer, and Branagh

It’s a bright sunny day in Seattle, and it’ll be a bright sunny evening in the theater, as I head out to feast my eyes on Danny Boyle’s Sunshine for the first time. I’ve heard all kinds of things — severe disappointment (from a trustworthy friend), mixed feelings (from a trustworthy friend), and “Best Movie of the Year” (from a trustworthy friend). Thus… I’m intrigued.

Speaking of movies that are sure to divide viewers into enthusiasts and nay-sayers…

David Lynch’s Inland Empire is coming out on DVD, and so it’s time to read Jonathan Rosenbaum‘s review, and this recent interview with David Lynch by Sean Axmaker.

And by the way, you can pre-order the Twin Peaks DVD boxed set now. It’ll be out on Halloween. Ten discs for $70 bucks, and that includes the pilot, the whole series, and some interesting extras (but no Fire Walk With Me.)

I just discovered Geoffrey Chaucer’s blog. It makes my head hurt.

And speaking of headaches: If you’re disappointed that Kenneth Branagh’s As You Like It isn’t coming to a theater near you… this isn’t going to make you feel any better.

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  • http://www.campbell.edu/coas/english/index.html elrambo

    Chaucer’s blog maketh oure speking Middle English goode! I love it. (or rather, ich luve hit)

  • philosopherouge

    *grumble* I’ve been anticipating As You Like it, for over a year now. Now I find out, no theatrical release, and I don’t even have HBO! Meh.