TIME: “Why Christopher Hitchens is Wrong About Billy Graham” (plus, a YouTube bonus)

Good for TIME Magazine.

The odd thing about Hitchens’ attack is not that he assaults an ailing icon — that’s both his specialty and his right — but that the evidence he cites actually proves him wrong.

And while we’re on the subject:

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  • hombrelobo7

    “I’m not going to heaven because I preached to great crowds or read the bible many times.

    I’m going to heaven just like the thief on the cross who said in that last moment ‘Lord, remember me.’”

    – Billy Graham

    For a guy whose ‘disgustingly evil’ Graham avoided those two big train wrecks regularly consuming other high profile evengelists: Sexual or financial scandal. He’s been damn honest in admitting his failings and apologising for them as well. His major failings came when he mixed that old powder keg of religion and politics, and, in what is a common human failing, was seduced by being near the very powerful to the point where he didn’t stand on the strength of his faith and convictions when these powerful people promoted abhorrent ideas. Especially with the odious R.M. Nixon.

    Apparently his honesty in admitting the problem and apologisng is nowhere near as news worthy as dwelling on the original comment-even if it was years decades ago.

    Hitchens seems to have critical thought mania with an intellectual martyr complex, and seems to have genuine contempt for anyone who says there could be more to life than what’s on this earth. More importantly, what’s going on inside him to be just as evangelical and zealous as the people he’s always chastising?

    Or does Chris just need a hug?

  • scandalon

    What a fun repartee! It was ever so much more fun amongst such mutual respect.