Ask 100+ critics to name the best movie of 2007…

… and they say: There Will Be Blood.

The runner-up is quite a surprise too.

Here’s the full list.

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  • gomezeec

    I’m DYING to see There Will Be Blood… and the only reason I haven’t is that I’m in the Midwest now and it won’t be playing here until mid January or something… So I’ll have to wait and see it when I return to L.A. :(
    Anyway, I loved your review on CT! The best film since “The New World” sounds right up my alley!
    And I’m glad to see Zodiac getting some props from critics! I wrote my top ten list this week (to be published on my blog and Relevant next week) and Zodiac is in the top 5. Indeed, what a landmark year for American auteurs.

  • Phillip

    But the burning question still remains: it is your pick? I hope I get to see it. A print better float around a theater near me.