CTMovies: The Top 10 Most Redeeming Movies of 2007

Okay, here’s the first of CTMovies’ two annual movie lists…

The Top 10 Most Redeeming Movies of 2007!

What do you think? What did the ten participating critics* miss? What did we get right?

*The ten voters are part of this diverse group of moviegoers.
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  • http://www.adamwalter.blogspot.com/ awalter

    Very interesting list of 10–I especially agree with the top 4. Sad to see that God Grew Tired of Us isn’t mentioned. Dan in Real Life, I thought, sent messages that were far too scattered (maybe even schizophrenic) to be considered redeeming. And I’m not sure how The Painted Veil gets counted as a 2007 film, but I liked it.

  • jtron

    Maybe it’s officially considered a 2006 film, but I was surprised that “Black Snake Moan” wasn’t on the list. It’s a harsh films in a lot of ways, but in my opinion it’s the best Christian movie of recent years. Talk about a tale of redemption!