Specials: Coppola on Great “Young Directors.” Nick Cave Raises Lazarus. Performances We Won’t See.

Coppola’s Favorite Young Directors

Francis Ford Coppola on his favorite “young directors”:

Q: With the caveat that you can’t name anyone related to you, are there any young directors out there whose work feels to you like the stuff that you and your chums were making back in the day?

A: I know this is gonna sound funny, but the one young director I really admire is Woody Allen, because he writes ’em, and he makes ’em, and he goes on undaunted and just does it, and every film he makes has something wonderful in it, even if one is great and another is less great. But there’s a whole list of talented younger filmmakers — there’s Paul Thomas Anderson and David Russell and Wes Anderson and Tamara Jenkins and Todd Solondz. We are rich with talent.

UPDATED: Nick Cave raises Lazarus

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have a new album, Dig, Lazarus, Dig, that finds Lazarus rising in New York City. The album arrives on March 4. UPDATE: And now you can see Mr. Cave and Company performing the song in this video.

Performances We’ll Probably Never See

It’s hardly news that Adrien Brody played a major role in Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line… until that storyline was cut from the film. Still, it’s probably fair to do honor to that unseen effort from time to time, in articles like this one.

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  • Go see “The Savages.” Right now. It’s great. I met Tamara Jenkins a few weeks back. She’s lovely, approachable, warm-hearted, and generous. And her film is lovely. Her husband works with Alexander Payne, which explains the Payne-ful similiarities in style that you’ll see in “The Savages.” But I like Jenkins’ film better than any of Payne’s. There’s a compassion for all of the characters involved that I feel is lacking in most of Payne’s work.

  • yankeh

    I was intrigued by Coppola’s mention of Tamara Jenkins. I know nothing about her. And upon looking up her filmography on imdb.com, I know nothing about any of her films either.

    Can anyone enlighten me?