T-Bone Burnett’s “Tooth of Crime” Album – Due May 13 (Finally!)

I can’t believe my eyes.

USA Today reports T-Bone Burnett’s Tooth of Crime, the album of material he wrote as accompaniment to the Sam Shepard play of the same title, is coming out on Nonesuch on May 13.

This collection has been talked about for, what? Three, four… TEN years?

And Sam Phillips is on six tracks. Marc Ribot plays guitar, of course. And there’s even a song penned by Roy Orbison.

This will really help distract me from the unfortunate postponement of Sam’s Don’t Do Anything.

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  • cptcasualt

    Random T-Bone thought…

    Watched Heaven’s Gate on public TV Sat night. Fascinating film, especially the infamous excesses. The center-piece roller skating scene is amazing. I didn’t discover until the end credits that T-Bone is in the band.

  • http://www.namedroppermedia.com bucks1414

    Too good 2B troo!!

  • mrmando

    IBIWISI, I guess. It’s been listed on Amazon since 1996 under the title Sahib. One Amazon Marketplace seller even professes to have a cassette copy.

  • http://odgie.wordpress.com odgie

    Too cool. I love me some T-Bone, and Sam Phillips.