I’m in New Orleans, Mes Amis!

I’m in New Orleans for the first time, with a view of downtown and the river from the 18th floor of a fine establishment.

There’s an editors’ conference here I’m attending with some of my colleagues, and let me tell you, it’s a joy to see this place. My cab driver was full of passion for this city, and full of hope for its restoration. (He also didn’t waste time explaining that the funds for restoring New Orleans were severely delayed because the Bush administration is punishing New Orleans for voting Democrat in the last election.)

I’ve always wanted to enjoy a late dinner in New Orleans, and that’s where I’m headed, so… I’ll catch ya later.

(P.S. Stay tuned. I’ll have a few words about the new Sam Phillips album for you in just a few days.)

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  • jibanez01

    That’s awesome! I love that city!

    If you’re a fan of jazz, well you’re in the right city in general, but try out Preservation Jazz Hall. Also, while in the French Quarter, get yourself a Muffaleta from Central Grocery. There’s other places that serve them, but that’s they’re the original and still the best.

    And that’s it for the unsolicited recommendations from me. Enjoy!


  • Oh, and Todd… yes, that’s on my schedule as a place to visit.

    Howard, if it makes you feel any better, the album was delivered to my home, and I’m in New Orleans, so I’m still sharing the agony of the wait.

    For now. :)

  • Stephen, thanks for the recommendation. I’ve seen the first two parts of that four-part series, and I decided to wait a while before watching parts three and four because it *was* breaking my heart. And it does so, in part, because Spike Lee was able to combine his passionate storytelling with a fierce attention to detail. No gross exaggeration or superficial dramatizing. He gave the people a voice, and he forced us to see what so many didn’t want to see (and what so many have already forgotten). I look forward to parts three and four. I’m sure they’ll be even more affecting now that I’ve stood and looked out the car window to see the line on the wall that shows how high the waters rose… and to see so many vibrant people crowding that area, raising it up. It’s good to be here soon soon after Easter Sunday.

  • Jeffrey, after your visit you may want to watch Spike Lee’s When the Levees Broke. It will break your heart and show why a lot of New Orleanians feel the same way your cab driver does.

  • Have fun in NO; however, you’re very cruel to tease us about Sam’s new album like that.

  • You must, MUST, MUST go to the Cafe du Monde. Get the au Lait. Get the beignets. You must.