Grand Rapids, Here I Come

I’m packing for an early-morning flight to Grand Rapids, Michigan, for the Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing, and I won’t be home until Sunday night.

So, I probably won’t have much opportunity to blog from there.

I’m looking forward to seeing some of you there. If you want to attend my presentations, check the schedule (link above).

Have a great weekend. Go see The Visitor this weekend!

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  • stevenchaskill

    Thanks for coming. My wife also gets choked up talking about Star Wars, and I must admit to fighting back tears when Gonzo starts to sing in The Muppet Movie (or is it just Muppet Movie?), so in you we’ve found a kindred spirit.

    Do you have the same reaction to One Little Star in Follow That Bird?

  • mollychristina

    Hope you have a great time in my old hometown! If we were still there I could run over and meet you in person…we only lived about 3 miles from Calvin. Myron, Linford and Karin, and their sister Grace and I all attended one year together and some of us made it for the subsequent 3 after that, I think. I miss being there…it’s a great time!
    Oh well…I’m here in Cincinnati, doling out soda crackers to my little one who has her very first bout of stomach flu. She’s doing much better. Poor baby.

    Hope it’s not too cold in GR for you…you never know about April in Michigan!