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A Report from Over the Rhine’s “Ohio” Concert

The Enquirer sums up Over the Rhine's 21-song set, the first live performance of their double album Ohio in its entirety. … [Read more...]

Things Mean Things?!

Can art mean whatever a reader or viewer or listener wants it to mean? … [Read more...]

Remember “Saved”?

Brian Dannelly's satire about growing up in a Christian high school stirred up a lot of controversy and debate amongst Christians back when it opened. I reviewed it here and wrote more about it in Through a Screen Darkly.Now, Saved! is coming back. As a musical off-Broadway. … [Read more...]

Ebert defends Indy’s Standing-O; C.S. Lewis on Mysticism

Indy's standing-oIndiana Jones IV got a standing ovation at Cannes. And Ebert thinks it was genuine.-What did C.S. Lewis have to say about mysticism?Listen to this intriguing podcast at The Kindlings Muse... William Butler Yeats once said, "The mystical life is the center of all that I do and all that I think and all that I write. . ." This same thing could not be said of CS Lewis, whose faith was grounded in reason. In this episode of The Kindlings Muse @ the CS Lewis Center … [Read more...]

World to Be Invaded by Half-Human Monsters?

[Read more...]

Tom Waits interviews himself.

Brilliant. … [Read more...]

An Honor for Over the Rhine

Over the Rhine gets to be the first act at Cincinnati's new 4,100-seat National City Pavilion at Riverbend Music Center on Saturday.And what will they do? Play all of the songs from their sensational double album Ohio! … [Read more...]

Lear Year

King Lear is on the way... twice on the big screen, and then on the BBC.With Anthony Hopkins, and Ian McKellen, as LearAnd Keira Knightley, and Romola Garai, as Cordelia.But who will direct? … [Read more...]

McSweeney’s Publishes a Letter to Aslan

McSweeney's Mari Ness submits A Letter to His Imperial Majesty, Aslan: … [Read more...]

Keith Green, Age 11

My friend Mark Moring just sent this in: At the age of 11, Keith Green appeared on the TV show I've Got a Secret, hosted by Steve Allen, in 1965. This is before his conversion to Christ, but in the song he plays near the end of the segment, his style is already evident. Pretty cool stuff: … [Read more...]