Auralia’s eColors!

This week, Auralia’s Colors became an eBook!

Do you use eBooks? I’m curious. Never tried the stuff myself…

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Jeffrey Overstreet is the author of a “memoir of dangerous moviegoing” called Through a Screen Darkly, and a four-volume series of fantasy novels called The Auralia Thread, which includes Auralia’s Colors, Cyndere’s Midnight, Raven’s Ladder, and The Ale Boy’s Feast. Jeffrey is a contributing editor for Seattle Pacific University’s Response magazine, and he writes about art, faith, and culture for Image, Filmwell, and his own website, His work has also appeared in Paste, Relevant, Books and Culture, and Christianity Today (where he was a film columnist and critic for almost a decade). He lives in Shoreline, Washington. Visit him on Facebook at

  • striderdemme

    That would be really cool; I love it when authors read their own materials. I highly recommend listening to Gene Wilder’s “Kiss Me Like a Stranger” (autobiography)

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    You might remember that I promised “good news” about Auralia’s Colors a while back. Well, that’s because I had been informed that it would become an audiobook, and that I was going to be the one to read it. I was doing the dance of joy. But then, something changed (I’m not sure what) and the project is now up in the air. If it does happen, it won’t be for another year or so.

  • i4detail

    Not as such. I’ve read some Corey Doctorow stuff online, and am going to dig into his much lauded new book as soon as I have some time. He releases all his stuff online in a variety of formats under a Creative Commons license.

    When it AC going Audible? Or is it? Hang on. Nope, not there. I sometimes wonder if I have more time to listen than read, but I can’t multitask, and I’m already about 100 podcasts behind in my listening….