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Thompson on Hancock

Variety‘s Anne Thompson:

Based on seeing Hancock the other night, I can tell you this. Todd McCarthy’s early negative review will be one of many. The knives are out, and they are sharp. When this movie opens July 2, it will be eviscerated.

I’m trying to keep my hopes up, but I’m hearing more and more cries of dismay and even disgust. This could be a sad case of Great Trailer, Lousy Movie.

Nathan Fillion. Joss Whedon. And a musical.

Here’s the teaser.

“Kill it, lion Jesus!”

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is one of the classics examined in McSweeney’s new Lit 101 class. Hmmm. Quite an interesting interpretation, eh?

(Thanks, Derreck Hoffrichter, for the link!)

David James Duncan’s The River Why Runs to the big screen

The news broke (I’m tempted to say “the water broke”… but I won’t) here:

William Hurt and Amber Heard have joined Zach Gilford in “The River Why,” an adaptation of the 1983 Sierra Club novel by David James Duncan. Matt Leutwyler is directing.

Hmmm. I wonder if David James Duncan is involved. Why not have him co-write the screenplay, since this is a rather delicate work of American literature, and he’s still very much alive?

Buy-n-Large… the website!

If you don’t yet know why this website is a big deal… you will soon. (Pssst… Blue is the new Red!)

You can even buy stuff at the Buy-n-Large store… for real!

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  • If we’re going to condense TLWW, I think I prefer the “Book a Minute” version:

  • azhiashalott

    Veeerrry interesting interpretation. I can’t help but think that, if Lewis were alive today, he’d make short work of that debacle of an eisegesis.

  • Loving the Dr. Horrible teaser. :)

  • genebranaman

    A movie of The River Why sounds good but how ’bout The Brothers K? I really love that book. Plus, it’s got baseball in it!

    There are so many ways a film version of TRW could turn out . . . not so good. I hope they don’t really mess it up – it’s gonna take some vision!

    And it took me a second on the Buy-n-Large site. VERY cool!!! And I’m not sayin’ a word . . . let other folk poke around there for their own selves.