Reader Mailstrom – 6/13

I’m starting a new column, chronicling stand-outs from the daily maelstrom of Looking Closer email.

Most of these letters are real. Some of them are amalgalms of a variety of messages. Some of them are what I read between the lines of the things readers really wrote.

Each installment of Reader Mail-strom will be updated over the course of the day, so check back to see if I’ve responded to you.




“I was wondering if you could shed some light on something: I read the book Hollywood Worldviews and enjoyed it very much. I tried to contact Brian Godawa through his website, but it is not being updated apparently. Is he publishing anything online? Blogging anywhere?”


I’ll ask around. Can anybody help out? Know what the screenwriter of To End All Wars is up to these days?




My beloved ,
My name is kate, I am a beautiful young black African woman from Africa. I saw your profile today and decided write to you. I hope to start a very cordial and lasting friendly relationship with you that will be beneficial to both of us in the nearest future. Feel free to contact me through my private mail box at: ([THAT PRIVATE MAILBOX ADDRESS HAS BEEN DELETED TO PROTECT THIS BEAUTIFUL YOUNG BLACK AFRICAN WOMAN]) I will tell you more about myself and also send my pictures to you after receiving your response. I am waiting to read from you the soonest possible.

Yours sincerely,



Tell you what, I’ll make an exception to my own rule and I’ll respond to you if you order copies of Auralia’s Colors and Through a Screen Darkly. Deal?

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  • Randy Greenwald

    And that website URL would be…?

  • godawa

    No, I AM Brian Godawa. No, really I am. My new indie mockumentary, “Change Your Life!” is trying to make it into the film festival circuit. I am finishing up a documentary on Academic Freedom in Higher Education and another one on controversial science. And I am finishing an updated edition of Hollywood Worldviews, to be out at the end of the year. I also have another book coming out early 2009 about knowing God through story and imagination from IVP. And I am going to direct a horror film we are trying to get made. And various other projects in various stages of development. If you want updates, email me through my website and I’ll put you on the email list for updates.

  • facesunveiled

    IMDB says Godawa wrote a new movie called “Change your Life!” that’s in post-production now. It’s a mockumentary about multi-level marketing schemes.

  • t clair


    I am Brian Godawa. I am rooming with JD Salinger in Atlantis.

  • besidethequeue

    My dad knows Brian Godawa, so i’ll check with him if he knows what he’s up to. I suppose I could have waited to post this until I had asked him, but oh well.

  • tickletext

    My name is Jonathan. I am a curmudgeonly young white Virginian man from Virginia.

    That is all.