Tim Russert of NBC News Dead at 58

What sad, shocking news today…

Russert, NBC News’ Washington bureau chief and the moderator of Meet the Press, has been as busy as anyone in offering thoughtful coverage of the campaign primary circus of 2008. I’m stunned and saddened by this.

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  • genebranaman

    I was stunned & saddened, too, when I read the news. Mr Russert was one of the only TV news commentators I really respected & trusted. No slant, not bias, no shouting. Just conversation on topics that mattered.

    And I can’t name anyone that could remotely replace him in what he did & the way he did it. Meet the Press will never be the same without him. I will miss him more & more as we progress to November, I’m sure.

    May God rest his soul.

  • Most definitely…in an industry that seems personified by how brash and loud you can be…Russert was rare…he was calm, let his guests speak, and was very knowledgeable-not just about his opinion…but about all the facts. It’s to common that in the region of political news, people are so focused on making their “opposition” look stupid, evil or whatever…Tim didn’t. He treated his guests in a dignified fashion and mocked no one.

    Listening to the various newscasters on MCNBC talk about his relationship with his family, co-workers and his faith makes me feel that we are going to really be missing a needed voice and presence in the coming election season. He seemed like a kind and generous person.