Fleet Foxes are Ablaze

Somehow, I haven’t heard this band from my own town until just now.

I’m listening to Fleet Foxes and I have that electrifying feeling of a Big Discovery, thanks to the simultaneous eruption of enthusiasm from several friends this week (Josh Hurst, Opus, and others at Arts and Faith).

Want to hear a big, bright, bold new sound fueled by ghostly echoes of 60s folk? Listen to the debut album in its entirety right here.

This record looks likely to earn a long-term place in my car’s 5-disc changer. A new soundtrack for the daily commute. A welcoming blaze to take the chill off mornings that are still cold and rainy in Seattle.

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  • jimbino

    Check it out – free FF gig for download at Wolfgang’s Vault:


  • http://withashout.net ajamison

    Fantastic band, they deserve all the attention they are getting. Great music!

  • coffeemonkey

    I saw them at Sasquatch two weekends ago. They actually played twice due to another bands late arrival. Their music was accessible upon first listening with a hint towards far greater edification with further study. I wish the second set they played was not the same as the first but they were very enjoyable both times.