Browser, 10/22: “Mad Men,” Over the Rhine, and Literal Music Videos

At Image, Santiago Ramos on Mad Men.

All About Jazz on Over the Rhine’s 20th anniversary

Literal versions of great ’80s music videos! “Head Over Heels” and “Take On Me”

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  • vjmorton

    I haven’t seen MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA, but I distinctly remember coming out of BAMBOOZLED thinking exactly what Barbara was here. Obviously, one can’t and/or shouldn’t say such things about his whole person (his body of work is too varied to make that stand up, among other things).

    But as a description of how Lee comes across in a particular work, “only idea is ‘get whitey’ because I hate whitey” is quite possible in principle, and I think Barbara’s is only saying that re MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA. I for one don’t find it especially hard to believe that he would come across that way in a given work (sight unseen obviously), simply based on his public statements and certain of his other works.

  • Stephen

    Strong stuff from Ms. Nicolosi. Even if Spike’s latest joint is as bad as she says I don’t agree with her sweeping indictment. Yes, he has a point of view that rubs some the wrong way but I find films like the ones you mentioned brimming with life, passion and the joy of cinema, and as a white American I’ve never felt like I was being attacked.

  • Darrel Manson

    Actually I found Lee’s Miracle to be less angry than many of his films. Nothing but hate in his heart? Not even close to correct. The film certainly has its faults, but hatred isn’t among them.