Over the Rhine on The Mountain Stage!

My favorite band just performed for NPR’s Mountain Stage!

You can listen to the set here!

And by the way, thanks to an extravagantly generous gesture by my friend Rick Paul Poole, I’ll be traveling to Cincinnati to see Over the Rhine three times in one weekend in celebration of their 20th anniversary… one week before Christmas!

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  • truelore

    I actually saw this performance, and it was wonderful! I actually went at the urging of my best friend, and hadn’t heard more than one or two OTR songs before we went to see them.

    “The Trumpet Child” left me in tears. It was a perfect atmosphere to hear them play live in. Really wonderful, and an amazing stage presence.

  • sdsmith

    Over the Rhine at Mountain Stage? That is a match made in almost heaven.

    You need to do a signing, or something with your pen and your face, in West Virginia.