Welcome to the new all-in-one site for Looking Closer.

Looking for the blog? It’s called “The Journal.”

Looking for reviews? We’re transferring them as fast as we can. Most of the film reviews are up, but the music reviews… well… we’ve barely scratched the surface there yet. Please be patient.

Looking for information on my books? You’ll find it, although there’s still a lot of organizing to do.

Many many more features are in the works.

If you need access to a particular review or article that’s missing, let me know and I’ll move it to the top of my priority list.

But as this is happening while I’m struggling to meet several writing deadlines, things are a bit crazy. So I appreciate your patience, and I want your input!

Please take this opportunity to thank Dave Von Bieker of www.bodycreative.com, who volunteered to consolidate my various sites and blogs into one convenient location. I’m not sure he knew the mess he was getting into, but he’s done it all with grace, style, and patience.

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I have to get back to developing this brave new world.

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  • I have a tech-related question, so this is probably more for Dave than for Jeff:

    In Google Reader, all of my RSS feeds are lined up alphabetically *except* for this website, now. Both the regular RSS feed and the comments RSS feed appear at the bottom of my list of feeds, even though one begins with “L” (for “Looking…”) and the other begins with “C” (for “Comments…”).

    Any idea why that would be?

    It doesn’t affect my ability to receive or read any of the posts here, but it’s kind of odd, and I’m a bit of an alphabetizing freak (heck, I’m still getting used to the fact that a bunch of my sources are lined up under “T” because they begin with “The”!), so I’m curious as to what might be causing this, and whether it can be un-caused (at my end, or wherever).

  • Yes, thanks!

  • Peter,

    You can view all of the comments for the whole blog in one feed here …


    Am I right in assuming that’s what you wanted to do?

  • Oh, wait, never mind. It looks like this new format has a separate RSS feed for each and every post, instead of a single comments feed for the entire blog.

  • Hmmm, I don’t see the comments in my own feed. Will there be an RSS feed for them? Reading them in Google Reader beats re-loading the page for every post all the time. :)

  • Congrats Jeffrey, it looks great! If I’m reading correctly the fact that I can get your posts AND the related comments in one feed will be really nice!