Win an Auralia Thread poster!

So… I spilled the beans and mentioned that I have some glorious new posters for The Auralia Thread.

And I’m planning to give away ten of them.

Want one?

Come up with one of the ten most creative blog posts about Auralia’s Colors or Cyndere’s Midnight.

Here are the guidelines:

  • It must be new, not a re-post of something you’ve done before.
  • It must introduce readers to Auralia’s Colors and/or Cyndere’s Midnight in a creative fashion, giving them some idea about the book.
  • It must include a link to your favorite bookstore website (Barnes and Noble, Third Place Books, whatever…)
  • You’re welcome to use photos, audio files, video… whatever you like. Be creative. But also, please be considerate. There are kids reading these books as well as adults, so keep it respectable.

I’ve appointed a couple of Auralia fans who will serve as judges, and they’ll decide whether you have a poster coming.

When it’s ready, email me with “POSTER CONTEST” in the subject line, and give a link to your blog post.

The contest is open until midnight on Christmas Eve!

Keep in mind, there are ten posters up for grabs, so your chances of winning are good.

I’m already sending a poster out to Catherine Gaffney, for what she did here…

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