Cincinnati memories + OTR Set Lists

You’re welcome to browse my often-blurry snapshots from my weekend in Cincinnati and my three Over the Rhine concerts… here at Flickr.

By the way, here are the Set Lists for the concerts:



  • Eyes Wide Open
  • How Does It Feel?
  • How Does It Feel? (Reprise)
  • Within Without (with Kim Taylor)
  • Like a Radio
  • Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander
  • June (with Kim Taylor, Jake Bradley, Kenny Hutson, and Julie Lee)
  • Circle of Quiet (with Kim Taylor and Julie Lee)
  • Daddy Untwisted (with Kim Taylor and Julie Lee)


  • Paul and Virginia (with Jake Bradley, Kenny Hutson, Mickey Grimm, Kim Taylor, and Julie Lee)
  • Poughkeepsie (with Jake Bradley, Kenny Hutson, Kim Taylor, and Julie Lee)
  • Mary’s Waltz (with Paul Patterson)
  • Silent Night (Duet) (Paul Patterson, Julie Lee)
  • Faithfully Dangerous (with Jake Bradley)
  • A Gospel Number (with Jake Bradley, Kim Taylor, Julie Lee)
  • All I Need Is Everything (with Jake Bradley, Kim Taylor, and Paul Patterson)
  • If I’m Drowning


  • My Love Is a Fever
  • I Painted My Name (with Kim Taylor and Julie Lee)


  • Latter Days
  • What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding? (with Jake Bradley)



  • Born
  • I Don’t Want to Waste Your Time
  • Trouble
  • All I Ever Get For Christmas
  • White Horse
  • Here It Is
  • The World Can Wait
  • (a recorded phone message from Jack)
  • If Nothing Else
  • I’m On a Roll
  • The Trumpet Child
  • Who’m I Kiddin’ But Me


  • Ohio
  • Professional Daydreamer
  • BPD
  • Happy Birthday (sung to Kim Taylor and Kenny Hutson)
  • Darlin’
  • Snow Angel
  • We’re Gonna Pull Through
  • North Pole Man
  • Don’t Wait For Tom
  • When I Go


  • Cruel and Pretty
  • Changes Come


  • Hush Now
  • New Redemption Son


St. Elizabeth Church – Norwood, OH

  • I Want You to be My Love
  • Long Lost Brother
  • Suitcase
  • Anything At All
  • We’re Gonna Pull Through
  • Bothered
  • [Kim Taylor] Days Like This *
  • [Julie Lee with Jake Bradley and Kenny Hutson] Does the Road Wind Uphill **
  • Paul and Virginia
  • Poughkeepsie
  • Goodbye Charles
  • [Q and A]
  • Hush Now
  • Jack’s Valentine
  • Cruel and Pretty
  • Facebook
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  • Gordon Hackman

    Thanks so much for this. I drove from Chicago to be at the third show (on my way to Virginia), and due to a number of factors didn’t walk in until about 45 minutes late, just in time to hear “Bothered,” which is a long time favorite. I was wondering what I had missed. While I’m sorry to have missed the first part of the set, it gives me some peace of mind to know that the part I made featured some of the older stuff (like Paul and Virginia and Poughkeepsie, which were great to hear live) and some of my all time favorites (like the aforementioned Bothered and Cruel and Pretty, which is in the running for my favorite OTR song ever).