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Today’s Favorite: Dupery (“We’re here to view the tapestries.”)

What's your favorite scene of one character pulling the wool over another character's eyes in order to distract them so that he, she, or others can sneak past unnoticed?I love Fozzie Bear and Kermit the Frog posing as "The Pizza Twins" in The Great Muppet Caper, taking an order so their pals can get through to the Mallory Gallery in their quest to foil the theft of the Baseball Diamond.I'm fond of Indiana Jones's posing as a Scottish lord in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, even if it … [Read more...]

Andy Whitman on “No Line On the Horizon”

Here's Whitman's take on U2's No Line on the Horizon. … [Read more...]

“Auralia’s Colors” … in Dutch!

De kleuren van Auralia is here.I'm trying not to take it personally that it's described as a "Schitterend fantasy-boek." (What exactly does that mean?)UPDATE:Anne and I have plane tickets to Amsterdam in hand. In April, we will indeed be boarding my first international flight since 1991. I'm preparing several presentations on Christian discernment in film, and I'll be addressing a variety of audiences. Many, many thanks in advance to my generous hosts, program planners, and the … [Read more...]

NPR: “The New Christian Film Industry!” Christianity Today: “Make It Stop!”

NPR recently ran a story about the (supposedly) exciting new "Christian movie industry."The story contained this quote: … [Read more...]

Andy Whitman on U2’s “Really Good Non-Reinvention”

Josh Hurst hosts a U2 love-in. Meanwhile, at, Andy Whitman of Paste, who is working on his review of the new album, lets this slip: Don't believe the hype. This is not U2's best album, but it is a really good non-reinvention. I think "Magnificent" is the best U2 worship song since "Gloria," and that "Unknown Caller" is in the Top 10 of greatest U2 songs ever.   … [Read more...]

An Enemy of Serious Film Criticism?

Here's Brett McCracken on Movieguide's ongoing campaigns of preposterous "film criticism."Earlier, Mark Moring's post at CT... in which the comments became lively, especially when Movieguide's Tom Snyder showed up to call Moring's post "a silly article" without sufficiently answering any of the problems exposed.  … [Read more...]

Buddy Miller Update

From Buddy Miller's MySpace page:Statement Regarding Buddy's HealthFollowing his show in Baltimore last Thursday evening, Buddy Miller was not feeling well. After consulting doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital, tests revealed some heart blockage. It was determined that surgery was needed right away. He is now resting and recovering and expected to be released from hospital shortly. Buddy and his family would like to thank all for their well wishes and prayers.If you'd like to send … [Read more...]

Farewell to New Yorker Films

Man oh man, do I have a case of the Monday morning blues.More bad news for Americans who love to see great cinematic art. Founded in 1965 by Dan Talbot, New Yorker has a legendary legacy, boasting a long-standing track record in international film distribution, bringing a staggering number of international auteurs to this country’s movie theaters over more than four decades. The company’s crucial role in establishing a lasting film culture in this country cannot be underestimated. A New Yor … [Read more...]

I’d like to thank the Academy. For inspiring me to watch something else.

Tonight, every seat in my living room was full of movie fans.We had good food, good drinks, and an amazing chocolate-raspberry pie.But you know what we didn't do? … [Read more...]

Buddy Miller’s Emergency Surgery

Thanks to Josh Hurst for the news. It sounds like we should all say a prayer for Buddy Miller, and I'm sure we should pray for Julie too.Evidently, he's recovering from a heart attack and emergency surgery. … [Read more...]