“Life of Pi” interests yet another talented director

“Life of Pi” interests yet another talented director February 17, 2009

First it was Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

Then it was M. Night Shyamalan.

Now, Variety reports, Ang Lee is considering Yann Martel’s Life of Pi.

Have you read it? Which director would you pick? It’ll take someone with a poetic sensibility and a flair for fantasy. I’d certainly get in line for a Lee version.

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  • Maybe Tarsem, The Fall-style?

  • Julio Ibanez

    This is the first I’ve heard that Jeunet bowed out. He would have been my favorite choice of the three.

    Lee can cross the line from poetic to boring pretty quickly. He balanced perfectly in Crouching Tiger, though, so maybe he’ll get back into a groove with this one. Assuming there’s not another change of directors.

  • I’ll second the Michel Gondry vote.

  • What about a Michel Gondry version?

  • The director should be able to accomplish (1) an intimate drama, (2) special effects requiring animals (without looking fantastical), (3) a keen eye for exotic culture. A toss-up between Danny Boyle and Robert Zemechis. (Too bad MNight bowed out… I’d like to think this was totally up his alley).

  • Ang Lee has never failed to bore me out of my skull (Lust, Caution came the closest to engaging me, but ultimately failed), so I think I’ll pass if they go this route.