Browser: My Coworkers! The Iran Election. U2 Set Lists. C.S. Lewis on Iran. Book Covers. Twitter. Wise Blood.

Hi ho, Jeffrey the Blogger here.

I’m enjoying a cinnamon latte from The Grinder and savoring another day with my creative team here in University Communications at Seattle Pacific University. I love working here. We love each other’s company. It’s about as ideal as a job can be, in my experience.



At Filmwell:

Among the news coming out of Saturday’s Iranian election and its aftermath is the word that one of Iran’s best-known filmmakers, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, has assumed a role of international spokesman for the cause of the officially defeated candidate.

Also: The director of Persepolis presents “proof” that the Iran election was stolen.

What songs are on the rehearsal list for U2′s upcoming tour? Here are two reports, including some surprising titles.

Michael Leary on Twitter noted that Andrew Sullivan quoted C.S. Lewis today.

If you’re like me, you love to browse book covers as much as you love to browse books. Here’s a gallery of this year’s best book covers from the annual “AIGA 50 books/50 Covers” competition.

In Ashton Kutcher vs. Andrew Sullivan, it’s Kutcher for the win! Andrew Sullivan apologizes, admits that Twitter is… yes… a really big deal. Somewhere, Kutcher is shouting “BURN!!!!”


Ron Reed looks at the new Criterion edition of “Wise Blood,” the John Huston film of the Flannery O’Connor story.


And by the way, how many of you noticed something strange about the photo of my coworkers?

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  • Scott Coulter

    I was gonna say “all the women are dressed nicely and all the guys are wearing jeans” but then I realized that’s not too unusual.

  • Julio Ibanez

    Someone’s been practicing a bit o’ Photoshop?

  • Jeremy Landes

    How could they have left this book cover off––for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?

  • matt

    Er, wait… quadruplets!

  • matt


  • Jason

    I think it’d be awfully confusing to work with a set of quadruplets.