February 16, 2010: Raven’s Ladder

Pre-order Raven’s Ladder here.

And see the new cover by artist Kristopher Orr and Mike Heath here…


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About Jeffrey Overstreet

Jeffrey Overstreet departed the Patheos network in order to escape click-bait advertisements that were offending him and his readers. He will re-launch Looking Closer at lookingcloser.org soon. He is the author of The Auralia Thread, a four-volume fantasy series that begins with Auralia's Colors, and a memoir of "dangerous moviegoing" called Through a Screen Darkly. He teaches creative writing and film studies; speaks internationally about art and faith; served as Writer-in-Residence at Covenant College; and is employed by Seattle Pacific University as a project manager, copyeditor, and writer.

  • Stefania Ulici

    Hi Jeffrey,
    Great cover, I just started reading your books and I think their really good. I think that I like the first books cover better then the other’s (no offence). I can’t wait to read Raven’s Ladder. I find your books really intriguing and inspiring in some ways too.

  • Jacques

    Hubba hubba this cover is steller! my favorite too! Congratulations Jeffrey!! To see such fruits of all your hard work is so inspiring!

  • http://thewilcoxes.blogspot.com/ Cara

    Can’t wait for February!

  • Mike Harris-Stone

    Easily, easily my favorite cover of the three so far. Heck, I want a poster of this! Can’t wait to immerse myself in this story!

  • http://www.truffin.com Todd

    Hope there’s bookmarks at the Glen!

  • http://sjdeal.blogspot.com Shane Deal

    My only criticism now that I take a second look is that your name seems a bit large in proportion to the book title. Otherwise, I wish there were more books with covers this well designed.

  • Obi-Cus Kenobus

    Very fantasy. Think it fits well in the series.

  • Wendy Krout

    nice cover…I like guys with swords ready to take on the world…the moom and the sky scape is very beautiful

  • http://cherylrussellwrites.wordpress.com Cheryl Russell

    Love the cover! I think this cover is my favorite one. :-)

  • http://www.jenniferjoystaab.com joonitree

    yay! I can’t wait!

  • Helen

    Love it. February 16 is *much* too far away . . . .

  • jeslbates

    Epic. Just what I would expect for this novel. Can’t wait!

  • http://sjdeal.blogspot.com Shane Deal

    That’s an awesome cover!

    I love it!