February 16, 2010: Raven’s Ladder

Pre-order Raven’s Ladder here.

And see the new cover by artist Kristopher Orr and Mike Heath here…


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About Jeffrey Overstreet

Jeffrey Overstreet has two passions: writing fiction, and celebrating art — music, cinema, photography, literature — through writing and teaching. He is the author of a “memoir of dangerous moviegoing” — Through a Screen Darkly. And his four-novel fantasy series, The Auralia Thread, which begins with Auralia's Colors, was published by Random House. He speaks at universities and conferences around the world about understanding art through eyes of faith. He is earning his MFA in Creative Writing at Seattle Pacific University, where he has worked for 11 years as an editor, writer, and communications project manager. His work has been recognized in The New Yorker, TIME, The Seattle Times, IMAGE, Ravi Zacharias International — and Christianity Today, where he served as a film journalist for more than a decade. He recently began a weekly column called "Listening Closer" for Christ and Pop Culture.

  • Stefania Ulici

    Hi Jeffrey,
    Great cover, I just started reading your books and I think their really good. I think that I like the first books cover better then the other’s (no offence). I can’t wait to read Raven’s Ladder. I find your books really intriguing and inspiring in some ways too.

  • Jacques

    Hubba hubba this cover is steller! my favorite too! Congratulations Jeffrey!! To see such fruits of all your hard work is so inspiring!

  • http://thewilcoxes.blogspot.com/ Cara

    Can’t wait for February!

  • Mike Harris-Stone

    Easily, easily my favorite cover of the three so far. Heck, I want a poster of this! Can’t wait to immerse myself in this story!

  • http://www.truffin.com Todd

    Hope there’s bookmarks at the Glen!

  • http://sjdeal.blogspot.com Shane Deal

    My only criticism now that I take a second look is that your name seems a bit large in proportion to the book title. Otherwise, I wish there were more books with covers this well designed.

  • Obi-Cus Kenobus

    Very fantasy. Think it fits well in the series.

  • Wendy Krout

    nice cover…I like guys with swords ready to take on the world…the moom and the sky scape is very beautiful

  • http://cherylrussellwrites.wordpress.com Cheryl Russell

    Love the cover! I think this cover is my favorite one. :-)

  • http://www.jenniferjoystaab.com joonitree

    yay! I can’t wait!

  • Helen

    Love it. February 16 is *much* too far away . . . .

  • jeslbates

    Epic. Just what I would expect for this novel. Can’t wait!

  • http://sjdeal.blogspot.com Shane Deal

    That’s an awesome cover!

    I love it!