Another “Munyurangabo” Fan. Guess Who.

If you visit this blog, you’ve probably read my various raves about the film Munyurangabo.

Well, I’m happy to discover that a much greater authority on movies has added his praise to the rising wave of excitement.

Roger Ebert gives Munyurangabo a full 4-star rave.

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  • Don

    Thanks for the link to Roger’s review. My wife and I got this movie from the library (the Film Movement DVD) based on your recommendation about a month ago. I also read your interview with the director, which was illuminating. I’m glad to see Mr. Ebert singing the praises of this film!

  • Brian D

    You remind me of me! Ever since I watched Siskel and Ebert as a kid and devoured the annual Ebert movie review guide, I have always taken great joy in seeing Ebert give a four-star rave to a movie that I loved. Still haven’t caught Munyurungabo yet (I work overseas, so I’m a bit slow in getting access to these things), but raves from both Ebert and Overstreet are a powerful combo that cannot be easily ignored. Just to let you know how much I appreciate your reviews: used to be the only review site I frequented for years, but now the time I spend checking your blog is in stiff competition with Ebert’s site. I can tell you were educated by the master (of film criticism), but even more compelling is the way you were taught to see movies by and in light of the real Master.
    Blessings, Brian