Further Thanks to Christianity Today for a Generous Send-Off

Today’s unexpected notes from the team at Christianity Today have been a tremendous blessing to me at the end of a trying week. I am deeply grateful.

And thanks to those of you who left comments for me there as well. All I ever did was ramble on, ad nauseum, about an art form that I love. That it has come to anything at all is powerful evidence, to me anyway, that there’s a creative, resourceful God in charge of things. I’ve learned as much from my colleagues and readers on this journey as I have from the filmmakers. And I still have so much more to learn.

[2013 UPDATE: The aforementioned article is now accessible only in web archives.]

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  • Vikki (Philippines)

    Aptly put…”the end of an era”. *sobs*. I’m glad to read about it and thanks to you as well for keeping us more interested with stories and storytelling in the movies, Jeffrey. Kudos for a good ERA! *sobs some more*.

  • Rick Ro.

    Jeffrey, for some reason I can’t get the comments to take at the CT site, so I’ll post here for you…

    Your in-depth, spiritual look at all films, secular or not, will be missed. When I began following your movie (and music) reviews quite few years ago, I was impressed with how you found the spiritual and the Godly in things most Christians would have said were unworthy of viewing. I remember feeling a little guilty, as a Christian, for liking Pulp Fiction and wishing Christians would find the value in discussing the spiritual elements within the violent, seedy story. Soon after, I happened upon your review of it and thought, “Finally, a Christian who gets it!” You’ve been my favorite movie reviewer since then.

    As a writer myself, I’m quite familiar with the need to focus on what matters most. For the past eight years I’ve written a ton of poetry, but now that I’m in the midst of writing a sci-fi novel, I’ve found poetry must come second. Many, many of us will miss your reviews, but you’re doing the right thing. May God bless your endeavors.