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And so it begins. Well, not really., since I'm clearly fumbling my way around with iMovie '08, help me out. … [Read more...]

Browser: Séraphine. A new Peter Weir film. Jedi Knights. Cussing. And More.

The Browser: News & links to raise your eyebrows & furrow your brow. New headlines may be added as the day goes on. Stay tuned.Hi ho, Jeffrey the overworked editor here.Blogging's been slow, as you have probably noticed. I've been reviewing the proofreading edits for Raven's Ladder, and that effort has swallowed every evening and weekend from September 8th to the present. (I do all of this, oh best beloved, in the hours after my work at the day-job. Call it "burning the candle at … [Read more...]

Who Would You Describe as “A Great Leader”?

I'm doing a little research for a project. And here's the question driving it: Who do you consider to be a great leader?Just to get it out of the way, I'll say it: Jesus.Okay, now. Moving on. Who else?And give me a line or two about why. … [Read more...]

How Do YOU Want Your Music?

So, fast forward five years.How do you want to enjoy your favorite band? … [Read more...]

The End: By Matt Zoller Seitz and Richard Seitz

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Reconsidering Basterds, and Catching Up with Rightwing Film Geek

Is it wise for me to tell you that my opinion of Inglourious Basterds has changed dramatically over the past few weeks?I don't have a review yet to back up that claim. I keep starting to write one, and then my thoughts and feelings continue to evolve. … [Read more...]

Sam Phillips’ Huge News

Sam Phillips fans... are you sitting down? … [Read more...]

Bazan, Brazen.

UPDATE: I just realized that I never posted THIS. Which is a thrilling profile of David Bazan, featuring excellent perspective from David Dark. … [Read more...]