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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

2009 UPDATE: It's been more than five years since I wrote this review of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and my appreciation for this film has only deepened since then. It went on to become quite an important film to many of my colleagues, so important, in fact, that when the team of a dozen or so film critics at Christianity Today voted on the films that were most important to them in 2004, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind took the #1 spot on the list. Remarkable, considering how … [Read more...]

Five “Auralia’s Colors” Confessions: A Basket of Blue Stones

Ready or not, it's...The Top 5 Confessions about Auralia's Colors, Chapter 3 - A Basket of Blue Stones … [Read more...]

November 24th Will Forever Be Known as The Day The Muppets Sang “Bohemian Rhapsody” … [Read more...]

Brett McCracken Interviews the Director of “The Road”

Christianity Today has posted Brett McCracken's interview with John Hillcoat about directing The Road. Here's an interesting excerpt: … [Read more...]

“The Road”: A Meaningful Nightmare

My review of John Hillcoat's film The Road is still in progress, but I've written an article about the story, how people respond to it... and how such dark, troubling visions like this one can be meaningful and even—dare I say it?—redemptive. … [Read more...]

Decent Films on “New Moon”

I don't plan to spend any pennies on The Twilight Saga: New Moon after the living nightmare that was the sneak-preview screening of Twilight.So I refer you to the critic I trust most... … [Read more...]

Five “Auralia’s Colors” Confessions: The Concert of Stitching

The adventure continues...Top 5 Top 5 Confessions about Auralia's Colors, Chapter 2 - The Concert of Stitching … [Read more...]

On “Twilight,” “New Moon,” and “the Hallmark of Immaturity”

"I think the ears are tastiest.""Me, I prefer the chin.""I'm a forearm man, myself. And things just taste better when the girl's has helpless as this one."Yes, like it or not, New Moon is here. And last night's midnight opening show set some kind of all-time box-office record for such arrivals. Basically, ticket-buyers told Hollywood: WE WANT MORE OF THIS. And so, that is what moviegoers will receive. Except what's coming will be even worse because it will be even more … [Read more...]

Five “Auralia’s Colors” Confessions: Old Thieves Make a Discovery

Ladies and gentlemen, here are...The Top 5 Confessions about Auralia's Colors, Chapter 1: "Old Thieves Make a Discovery." … [Read more...]

Which of your children is your favorite?

Okay, no, I'm not really asking you to name your favorite child. But now you know something of how I felt when asked to name my favorite from among my characters. … [Read more...]