Five “Auralia’s Colors” Confessions: Old Thieves Make a Discovery

Ladies and gentlemen, here are…

The Top 5 Confessions about Auralia’s Colors, Chapter 1: “Old Thieves Make a Discovery.”

5. In this chapter, you’ll meet Krawg and Warney for the first time. Use your own imagination, but I’d cast Pete Postlethwaite as Krawg. Warney? Adrien Brody. And they’d both be forced to drop about 50 pounds.

4. If all goes as planned, the details of Chapter One will be worth recalling when you read Chapter One of the series’ final volume (coming in 2011).

3. The first two paragraphs are almost exactly what they were when I rough-drafted the book… 10 years before WaterBrook Press published it.

2. I’m never entirely satisfied with my writing. Almost all of my sentences make me want to rewrite them. But not that last one. No, I like that one.

1. When I named Cal-raven, I had never heard of Cal Ripken. Only heard of him recently, in fact. I wonder if he’s heard of Cal-raven.

You can order Auralia’s Colors at Barnes and Noble, Eighth Day Books, Third Place Books, Elliott Bay Book Company, or the independent bookstore nearest you.

Auralia's Colors has arrived.

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