Has Smaug Found His Voice?

Tom Waits as the voice of Smaug the Dragon in “The Hobbit”?

I say, “Yes, please.” It’s just speculation right now, but looks very possible, and sounds too good to be true.

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  • http://thenicsperiment.blogspot.com Nicholas

    If they could get him to contribute some songs to the soundtrack, even better!

  • Joel K

    Quick, Bilbo! Get behind the mule!!

  • Michael Knepher

    I’m thinking that Tom as the Great Goblin would be something to see, as well.

  • http://filmchatblog.blogspot.com/ Peter T Chattaway

    Jeremy Irons’ eligibility for this role is probably forever compromised by the fact that he starred in that Dungeons & Dragons movie that was released one year before the first Lord of the Rings movie came out — which was an obvious attempt on the filmmakers’ part to cash in on the anticipation for Jackson’s upcoming trilogy.

  • http://mark-t-ingham.com/blog/ Mark T. Ingham

    Waits would be an excellent choice! Aided by a steady supply of whiskey, cigarettes, and some added wallop from the sound designers, I can see him lending Smaug some great resonance. I wonder if they’ll have whoever voices Smaug use a more precise inflection — like a Shakespearean-trained actor. I could hear someone like Jeremy Irons as Smaug, but that’s probably the cliché choice. If Waits is the man, it sounds like del Toro and Jackson are after something quite unique.