Browser: The “Remember me?” edition. Best Directors of the Decade. Lonely writers.

Okay, it’s official: My life has become too busy for me to be a responsible blogger.

Let me try to make it up to you in the next couple of weeks, with a new video blog, my list of Favorite Films of 2009 (the Premature Version), my list of Favorite Recordings of 2009 (almost ready!), more Auralia’s Colors confessions, sneak previews of Raven’s Ladder, and a marathon of interesting links.

Oh, keep an eye on Friday, my review of Avatar should be there. You’ll also see a piece on Christmas movies there soon, and eventually my favorite films of 2009 will be counted down there.

For now, here’s a tray of appetizers:


Matt Zoller Seitz begins his countdown of the Best Directors of the 2000s.


Paste Magazine revised their Best Movies of 2009 list. Suddenly, Avatar is #1.

Are you lonely? You’re probably a writer. Take some time to commiserate with Brian Volck.


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  • Rick Ro.

    Jeffrey, thanks for the link to Brian Volck’s article. As I’m in the midst of writing my first novel, I could relate to it. I forwarded it on to several friends and family to let them know a little what I go through each day as a writer. I also sent it to some writer friends of mine to see if they could relate to it, also.

  • taj

    Just read Paste’s short write-up on AVATAR, and it’s a little diappointing to read that dazzle and spectacle somehow placed it above UP. Greydanus once called Cameron a master manipulator, meaning that Cameron makes his movies seem weightier than they really are. So far, I haven’t read anything, in praise or protest, that even hints AVATAR rises above that staple.