Free Stuff: The Second Raven’s Ladder Giveaway: Fun with Photographs.

\”Raven\’s Ladder\”, captured in a Colorado Springs bookstore, by Tara Owens

Raven’s Ladderhas arrived!

Want to show some support for The Auralia Thread? Call your local bookstore to make sure they’re getting copies in stock.

To celebrate the arrival, I’m in the mood to give away lots of free stuff.

Tired of entering contests and giveaways, and never getting anything?

This time, you’ll win something. That’s a promise. If you follow the instructions, you’ll get something Ladder-ish in the mail. In doing so, you’ll be helping us spread the word about the arrival of Raven’s Ladder.

Ready? Here’s how to play. It’s easy…


Take a picture of your copy of any book from The Auralia Thread: Auralia’s Colors, Cyndere’s Midnight, or Raven’s Ladder.

Post that photo on your blog, or as your Facebook Profile Picture. (It has to be on your blog, or posted as your profile picture for at least 3 days. The book cover must be clearly and prominently visible.)

Get creative: Put the book on a shelf with others you recommend. Or put your pet in the picture. Set it on top of a ladder. Put a hat on it. Hold it up in front of a local landmark. We want to get a window into the secret lives of these books. Do they fraternize with philosophy books, or murder mysteries?


Email me – – when your picture is posted, and provide a mailing address. I’ll mail you signed bookplates to insert in your books. Just let me know how many copies of the books you have, or how many you’re giving as gifts.


If you include your copy of Raven’s Ladder in your photograph, you’ll receive more than just bookplates. You’ll also receive signed Raven’s Ladder bookmarks and postcards to share with your friends.


On March 31, I’ll choose my five favorite photographs. Those folks will receive an extra, signed copy of Raven’s Ladder to keep for themselves, or to give as a gift. My #1 favorite photograph will win copies of all three books.


This offer ends March 31st.

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