The Arts and Faith Top 100 Films List!

Think for a moment about the short list of films usually recommended in Christian media.

If you do that, you will probably be surprised — nay, thunderstruck — at the list of the Top 100 movies as voted on by many who spend their days pondering the intersection of art and faith. Yes, Image has just announced the latest, greatest edition of the Arts and Faith Top 100 Films!

You’ll be boggled by what made the list. You’ll be even more surprised at what didn’t…

Forty four film enthusiasts — film critics, artists, playwrights, pastors, teachers, parents — put their heads together and voted on what 100 movies they find most profound, beautiful, and important. It is quite a surprising list. The results surprised even the voters in many ways (especially when you see that which movie showed up as the highest-rated English language film!)

My introductory words about the list are published at Image today. You’ll find the link to the list there.

Prepare to revise your Netflix queue.

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