Dante’s Inferno… you know, for kids!

I just saw the Oscar-winning Argentinian film The Secret in Their Eyes. (Seeing that and The Headless Woman this month, I am suddenly very interested in Argentinian cinema.) I found Secret to be a strong work of suspenseful detective-storytelling, like a great installment of Prime Suspect.

So I was startled to learn what the director, Juan Jose Campanella, plans to do next…

Heat Vision reports:

Juan Jose Campanella… is making his English-language feature directing debut by tackling “Heck,” an adaptation of a children’s fantasy novel for Spyglass Entertainment.

“Heck,” described as a kids’ version of Dante’s “Inferno,” centers on a good boy named Milton Fauster who, with his shoplifting sister, dies in a freak accident and ends up in an unearthly reform school called Heck, where Lizzie Borden teaches home economics and Richard Nixon is the ethics teacher. Milton meets Virgil, a boy who has a map of the Nine Circles of Heck, and the two plot to escape the netherworld and its leader, the principal of darkness Bea “Elsa” Bubb.

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  • dg

    wow. that’s all i have. just… wow.
    (also, nice Hudsucker reference!)

  • tyler

    BTW, “Heck” is the first book in a series called “Circles of Heck.”

  • Here is Dante’s Inferno made BY kids:
    Looks to be a bit truer to the original than “Heck”…

    Shot on location all over western Washington. The cast includes my daughter as the vixen (full disclosure). Trio Films’ next project is with Sir Anthony Hopkins…