Philip Pullman returns… with a book about Jesus.

The author of The Golden Compass now has a book about Jesus.

And – shocker! – The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ doesn’t sound like a volume likely to show up in church libraries.

Here’s a summary at The Guardian.

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  • Claire


    I was merely referring to Pullmans insistence that he doesn’t write with an agenda for or against any particular point of view. By “given himself permission” I meant that he seems to have abandoned that stance :)

  • Wyldeirishman


    I’m not saying any such thing, as the level of his (or anyone’s) intelligence has little to do with it. Don’t read what I didn’t write. :)

  • Gaith

    Claire, are you suggesting that he needs permission? Do you contest, then, that freedom of speech is the birthright of us all, per the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

    And, Wyldeirishman… this new book is a novel, not a nonfiction treatise. But are you seriously contending that those with doubts about the historical veracity of the Bible are stupid? Because that category includes some of history’s (and today’s) sharpest minds. Just sayin’.

  • Claire

    I guess he’s finally given himself permission to criticise/make fun of Christianity. Not bothering to disguise it much, is he?

  • Gaith

    As a huge Pullman/Dark Materials fan, I’ve gotta say… that I don’t really have any interest in reading this. The premise is pretty lame, and there’s no Lyra.

  • Wyldeirishman

    It’s always more than a bit sad when a chap that’s as gifted with the worded way as Pullman goes out of their way to be nothing short of an obnoxious fool. Perhaps if he’d spend more time examining the verifiable arguments for Christian theism instead of continuing to build siege ramps against straw-man fortresses, the respect-factor might actually increase.

    But I’m not holding my breath.

  • Doug

    well, Crace’s digested read is actually fairly entertaining (and not too kind to Pullman, either)!

  • Rick Ro.

    Wow! Now THERE’S a man with a chip on his shoulder!