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The Secret of Kells (2009)

Here is a two-part conversation about The Secret of Kells, published in the Good Letters blog at Image journal: Part One and Part Two … [Read more...]

Wendell Berry and Brian Volck Ponder the Gulf Oil Spill

Here's a four-minute video of Wendell Berry responding to the oil spill.And here's what Brian Volck says about the disaster in today's Good Letters post: … [Read more...]

“…the most beautiful book in English…”

What book did C.S. Lewis call "almost the most beautiful book in English"? … [Read more...]

“The Great Divorce” on the Big Screen?

Variety reports: Mpower Pictures ("The Stoning of Soraya M.") and Beloved Pictures are teaming to co-produce C.S. Lewis' fantasy novel "The Great Divorce."Veteran producer and Mpower CEO Steve McEveety will lead the production team. Childrens' book author N.D. Wilson ("Leepike Ridge," "100 Cupboards") is attached to write.Lewis, who wrote the "Chronicles of Narnia" books and often wove Christian themes into his works, published "The Great Divorce" in 1945. Story centers on a man who … [Read more...]

Inspire me: What’s the best way to end a series?

Okay, I'm not really looking for ideas about how to end The Auralia Thread.The first draft of The Ale Boy's Feast is very roughly drafted, and by the time the fireworks go off on the 4th, I'll have given a readable version to the editors. (It feels like I'm preparing to take a patient with worrying symptoms to the doctor to await a diagnosis.)I know how it ends. And I get a little shaky just thinking about the questions that I won't pursue to full resolution, and the unexpected … [Read more...]

Revealing The Secret of Kells, Part Two – and what are your favorite works of non-digitial animation?

"Revealing The Secret of Kells - Part Two": My conversation with Steven Greydanus continues at Image journal's blog.Have you seen The Secret of Kells? What did you think? … [Read more...]

Good News for Those Who Exercise

Exercise has proved a challenge for me in the last few years. Deadlines demand I spend most of my evenings and weekends writing. But it's been hard on my health, so lately I've been working hard to get three or four workouts in per week, either hiking or on a stationary bike (while I watch movies for review). I definitely notice a difference. I get more creative ideas when I exercise.What about you? Do you see a connection between creativity and exercise?And now, I have more motivation … [Read more...]

Who’s right?

So... I stumbled onto these two quotes within a few seconds of one another... … [Read more...]

Revealing The Secret of Kells

My conversation with Steven Greydanus about a great animated film begins at Image here. … [Read more...]

The series is almost finished…

In less than two weeks, I'll be turning in the first completed draft of my new book The Ale Boy's Feast.As I do, I keep getting the same response from readers: "I was surprised when the conclusion of Raven's Ladder left me hanging. Is that the end? Isn't this a trilogy?" The answer is no... … [Read more...]