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Here it is: The trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader!

Have you read The Voyage of the Dawn Treader?If you haven't, the time to do so is now. Because on December 10, the movie will arrive. (Fortunately, it's a quick read.)Want a preview? Well, here it is... … [Read more...]

Oh no, Nemo!

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Today’s Wow.

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Beware of Spoilers: Avoid the Trailer to “Never Let Me Go.”

One of my favorite reading experiences ever was experiencing the slow, subtle, and eventually overwhelming revelations in the book "Never Let Me Go." … [Read more...]

The Dawn of a New Narnia Film…

Are you ready to hear a bunch of dramatic statements of foreboding from Aslan?I'll post the "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" trailer tomorrow night...  … [Read more...]

The Best Thing Steve Jobs Has Ever Done

Thanks to Laura Good for bringing this to my attention: What I'd venture to say is the bravest, boldest thing Steve Jobs has done in his career. … [Read more...]

Sufjan’s National Treasure

We interrupt this week of my writing-marathon vacation to bring you this thrilling news... … [Read more...]

The Arts and Faith Top 100 Films List: The Podcast!

The Arts & Faith Top 100 Films list, hosted by IMAGE journal, is the best place to start for planning your next 100 Netflix rentals. (Here's the introduction I wrote for it.)Dick Staub, Greg Wolfe, Jennie Spohr, and I talked about the list at Hales Pub and Brewery, before a live audience.Whether you missed out on the event, or just want to enjoy it again... here it is... … [Read more...]

The New U2 Song “Soon”

Here's the new U2 song: "Soon" … [Read more...]

Return of the King of the Britons! Here comes Camelot.

Okay, Arthur scholars: What's your favorite film or television version of the King Arthur stories? What will Starz have to do right to win your respect with their upcoming series - Camelot - starring Joseph Fiennes and Eva Green? … [Read more...]