The Best Thing Steve Jobs Has Ever Done

Thanks to Laura Good for bringing this to my attention: What I’d venture to say is the bravest, boldest thing Steve Jobs has done in his career.

Get ready for the porn-free iPhone and iPad.

Some will cry out, “But this violates freedom of speech.”

As if that is more important than acts that compromise other kinds of freedom.

This is about choice. If we are free to choose gadgets that have been designed to help protect the environment, can’t we choose gadgets designed to help protect people from slavery, abuse, exploitation, and other forms of cruelty?

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  • Anna

    It can’t be a violation of freedom of speech unless the government is doing it. In fact, this whole situation is a victory for freedom and choice.

    Mr. Jobs is just exercising his right as a private business owner to cater to the audience of his choice, and those who buy Apple products with porn-free apps (I don’t know if I’d call the entire product porn-free, because as far as I can tell it still surfs the internet freely, yes?), as well as people who go elsewhere to download porn, are exercising their right as consumers to choose whatever products and businesses they want to support.

    And you, Jeffrey, are celebrating your right to freedom of speech by encouraging others to buy the porn-free apps, and highlighting the efforts of those who work against sex trafficking.

    I love it when capitalism, humanitarianism, and the First Amendment work in tandem. ;)

    I also agree with Jill – if Steve Jobs truly wants to be brave and bold, he can use some of the 5 billion or whatever that he’s sitting on to ensure better working conditions for his third world laborers. Or, he could stop outsourcing at less than minimum wage altogether and employ some of the 35 million jobless Americans.

  • Well not exactly.

    Thankfully it is true regarding apps from the iTunes App store. But there is But the built in Safari browser obviously can go to porn sites and watch non-Flash video. This is at least one bastion not contaminated by such filth so I am quite glad Steve Jobs is holding the line on this regardless of his reasons. I listen to a lot of tech podcasts and it stuns me how acceptable porn is to the mainstream now and the number of women who see no problem with it.

    Microsoft recently announced they will be doing the same thing for their Windows Mobile Phone 7 store.

    As someone corrupted by porn and saved by grace I love this quote from John Paul II.

    There is no dignity when the human dimension is eliminated from the person. In short, the problem with pornography is not that it shows too much of the person, but that it shows far too little.

  • Jill

    I applaud Steve Jobs for this as well. However, I must agree with the person who posted to the article about wishing that Steve would ensure that no child labor or sweatshops are used to build his iPhones, as Apple has apparently admitted that this has taken place. This was the link provided by the person who wrote the response to the article:

    I’m not trying to undermine what Steve is doing with this porn-free iPhone and iPad, I just really appreciate it when people are consistent in their efforts to make positive change.

  • Matt T.

    Bravo, Mr. Jobs. I’m behind this move 100%.