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Instead of The Hobbit…

Since the studios couldn't get their act together in time for Guillermo Del Toro to direct The Hobbit, what movie is he going to make instead? … [Read more...]

Robert Duvall Gets Lively with Mark Moring

Interviewing Robert Duvall for Get Low, Mark Moring stirred the actor up for a lively conversation about The Apostle. … [Read more...]

Inception (2010)

My review of Inception is published in two parts at Good Letters, the Image blog.Here's Part One.And here's Part Two.  … [Read more...]

Why I’m Not Doing the Zero-Gravity Dance Over Inception

My review of Inception is a two-parter, and it goes up on Good Letters, the Image blog, today and tomorrow. Here's Part One.Basically, Part One is about why I think it's interesting but ultimately disappointing.Oh, but there are some very cool things in Inception. For example, turn on your speakers and check this out... … [Read more...]

Joe Henry’s producing an album by Dr. Gregory House?

I know Joe Henry, producer of Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Loudon Wainwright III, Mary Gauthier, and Over the Rhine, is full of surprises.But this? This may be the biggest surprise of all. … [Read more...]

God Bless Gracious Commenters

Friends and colleagues who leave comments here, consider this a little love note, prompted by things I've seen happening on several other sites today.Conversing on an online discussion board is a tricky art. … [Read more...]

A Few Thoughts on Salt

I don't have much to say about Salt, especially since the movie lasts about as long as it'll take you to read this. … [Read more...]

Your Most Memorable Movie-Theater Experience?

I had a heck of a time deciding which memory to write out for's celebration of movie theater memories. … [Read more...]

One of the best live bands in the world…

... is onstage at Madison Square Garden in a show that will be streaming online on August 5. … [Read more...]

The Guitar That Made the Kessel Run in Less Than Twelve Parsecs

The time has come for... … [Read more...]