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Kristopher Orr’s cover art for The Auralia Thread has been nothing short of inspiring for me.

And this morning, I revealed the book cover for The Ale Boy’s Feast, the final chapter in the series. (Unfinished versions have been floating around on various bookseller sites, but the real cover is here now.)

Want to see it?

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Which Auralia Thread cover is your favorite? Auralia’s Colors, Cyndere’s Midnight, Raven’s Ladder… or the new one? And why?

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About Jeffrey Overstreet

Jeffrey Overstreet has two passions: writing fiction, and celebrating art — music, cinema, photography, literature — through writing and teaching. He is the author of a “memoir of dangerous moviegoing” — Through a Screen Darkly. And his four-novel fantasy series, The Auralia Thread, which begins with Auralia's Colors, was published by Random House. He speaks at universities and conferences around the world about understanding art through eyes of faith. He is earning his MFA in Creative Writing at Seattle Pacific University, where he has worked for 11 years as an editor, writer, and communications project manager. His work has been recognized in The New Yorker, TIME, The Seattle Times, IMAGE, Ravi Zacharias International — and Christianity Today, where he served as a film journalist for more than a decade. He recently began a weekly column called "Listening Closer" for Christ and Pop Culture.

  • Ken Brown

    Add another vote for Auralia’s Colors, but I like them all.

  • Thomas Wiley

    I think Auralia’s Colors is my favorite. For one thing, I’m a sucker for moonlit scenes. I love the use of moonlight in the clouds and the mist, and the way it reflects from the city below. The overall effect is both beautiful and mysterious… more than any of the other covers, it made me want to be there.

  • cara

    Whoops! I neglected to say that the cover on The Ale Boy’s Feast cover is beautiful and, aside from the face issues, I like it very well!

  • cara

    Auralia’s Colors is by far my favorite, though I liked Raven’s Ladder very much. I agree with Thomas’ comments over on the Facebook page; it’s always hard to have to ignore an artist’s (mis!)conception of a character’s face or attempt to reconcile it with my own.

  • Gene Branaman

    This one’s my favorite. Next to Auralia’s Colors. They’re all awesome, though! Mr Orr is very talented.