Got 89 cents?

89 cents.

I’m not kidding.

The first novel in The Auralia Thread, my four-volume fantasy series, is on sale at Amazon through August for only 89 cents.

Why? Because I love you.

Oh, and if you don’t use a Kindle, you can still get the eBook for less than a dollar here.

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  • RobertT

    Thanks. :)

  • Robert,

    I’ve written about Babette’s Feast in several places, but I’ve never done a standalone review. You’ll find some thoughts on the film here, in this Filmwell essay.

    And I also talk about it in my book Through a Screen Darkly.

  • Daniel B

    If it was going for $89, it’d be worth it. Maybe you could pull a Radiohead.

    But why pay 89 cents for an awesome book when you can get a cup of premium coffee for three or four times the price?
    (In the future, there’d better be a way to interpret sarcasm through just text).

  • RobertT

    Jeffrey, I’m surprised you have no review of Babette’s Feast here, given your liking for the film. May we be expecting a review of this film from you soon? :)

  • Quite proud of myself – know of 2 folks who’ve already bought the ebook based on the good price & my glowing recommendation. :-)

    aka pastor guy