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Conviction (2010)

If you don't like Conviction, you're going to seem sub-human, heartless, devoid of any decency. But that's not your fault. It's the movie's.Or better... it's the movies. How many times have we seen stories just like this?A woman (usually) or a man senses that a great injustice has taken place. So she goes after the truth with everything she's got, determined to right the wrong. She hangs on like a pit bull and won't let go until the bad guys cry "We surrender!" All she has to do is find … [Read more...]

“Learning not to white-knuckle everything”

No Depression posts notes on the new Over the Rhine album: “With The Long Surrender, our vision was to make a record we couldn’t imagine in advance,” says Detweiler. “We wanted to be surprised. We wanted to remain open, let the record unfold in real time. Fortunately, Joe loves to be surprised as well.” … [Read more...]

Let Me In (2010) – or, Let the Right Version In.

Okay, this Halloween's vampire movie, Let Me In, is very well made. Much better than anything I would expect from the director of Cloverfield. Cinematic, patient, thoughtful, well-acted.But that doesn't excuse it. ... … [Read more...]

Do Writers Need Paper Anymore?

Via Alan Jacobs, a quote from an article in Prospect Magazine: … [Read more...]

If you build it, they will come. But you’re not off the hook. (My thoughts on The Social Network.) has just posted a few of my thoughts on The Social Network, the new film by David Fincher.Here's a bit that didn't end up in the review, probably because it wasn't so much about the movie as it was about defending Facebook from its critics: … [Read more...]

The Social Network (2010)

I've shared some thoughts on David Fincher's film The Social Network, and they're published at Good Letters, the daily blog of Image. … [Read more...]

A Letter to North American Churches

Celebrated artist Makoto Fujimura has written a letter to North American Churches.It's worth reading.Here's a clip: … [Read more...]

Sufjan Stevens on rock gods, Almighty God, and the scandal of Christ’s love

It's amazing what Sufjan does with this interview. … [Read more...]

David Brooks on The Social Network

David Brooks reviewed The Social Network, and I like his take on it.I especially like this: … [Read more...]

In Which I Argue with William Steig

This perspective from Shrek author William Steig is popping up on some of the Tumblr pages I follow: Art, including juvenile literature, has the power to make any spot on earth the living center of the universe, and unlike science, which often gives us the illusion of understanding things we really do not understand, it helps us to know life in a way that still keeps before us the mystery of things. It enhances the sense of wonder. And wonder is respect for life. I would heartily agree with … [Read more...]