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Then and Now: A Christmas Miracle via David Bowie and Will Ferrell that?Check this out... … [Read more...]

Auralia’s Christmas Promise

S0, your whole family has read the entire Harry Potter series. What now? Looking for a stocking stuffer? … [Read more...]

For Kids Who Can’t Write Good

Can a good movie be made about bad writing? … [Read more...]

I Survived “Black Swan”

Black Swan is a dance production, a horror movie, and a psychological thriller, and a film that's almost certain to earn Natalie Portman a little golden statue.But is it worth seeing? … [Read more...]

Black Swan (2010)

[This review was originally published at Filmwell.]By now we know that the words "A Darren Aronofsky Film" promise us a fever dream, an intense psychological thriller, a discomforting but enthralling experience.We also know that we’re likely to see very good actors deliver performances so maniacal that veins will bulge and pulse across their temples and throats, as if they're androids plugged into more voltage than they can survive. And we'll be confounded by surreal visions  — a man digg … [Read more...]

Greydanus Reviews “Voyage of the Dawn Treader”

Here's the review of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader that matters most to me: Steven Greydanus' review at The National Catholic Register.Steven knows the books inside and out. He knows good moviemaking when he sees it.His review is far better-written than mine will be. But we arrive at the same conclusion: This is the most enjoyable *movie* in the series and yet it's a confoundingly wrong-headed interpretation of the book.I mean, really... how could anybody … [Read more...]

Is This the Hildegard von Bingen Movie We’ve Been Waiting For?

Marilynne Robinson, the celebrated author of Gilead and Housekeeping, recently surprised her fans with an appearance on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, where she discussed the premise of her new nonfiction work, Absence of Mind, about the ongoing “culture war” between science and religion.And she dared to suggest that the two “sides” are not as separate as media hype would have us believe. The mainstream media, she said, overlooks a thriving dialogue among people like herself who have a heal … [Read more...]

Vision: From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen (2010)

My review of Vision: From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen is published on the site for Seattle Pacific University's Response magazine. … [Read more...]

Here they are. My Top Ten Favorite Films of … 1990.

Since it's far too early for me to share my ten favorite films of 2010, let's pass the time by reflecting on those films that are celebrating their 20th anniversary.Since I've never published a top 10 of 1990 at Looking Closer, I suppose it's time to look back at what was released that year and share my favorites: … [Read more...]

Must-see TV coverage of “The War on Christmas”

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon - Thurs 11p / 10cThe Gretch Who Saved the War on Christmaswww.thedailyshow.comDaily Show Full Episodes Political Humor The Daily Show on Facebook … [Read more...]