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Ongoing Lies and Distortions from Movieguide

Exposing the latest exhibition of the ignorance that pollutes so much of the material published at Movieguide, Steven Greydanus published this article about The Rite and Movieguide's review of it. … [Read more...]

Waste Land (2010)

This review was originally published at Good Letters, the blog hosted by Image, in December 2010.•In Rio de Janiero, there’s a saying that even Jesus turns his back on the poor.In a way it’s true. Early in Lucy Walker’s documentary Waste Land, a helicopter carries us around Christ the Redeemer, a white statue towering over Rio, arms outstretched embracing the wealthy of Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon. Behind it, we descend into the world’s largest landfill—Jardim Gramacho. … [Read more...]

A Boxer and Some Briefs

Huh. Once in a while, my opinion of a movie aggravates other reviewers I really respect. That seems to have happened with The Fighter. Over at, there's been quite a long debate about the film.And now, today, my thoughts were quoted in an unexpected place. … [Read more...]

My First Great Moviegoing Experience of 2011

The first month of 2011 is wrapping up, and I must say that I've enjoyed having time to see movies again.I doubt I'll ever go back to the unhealthy pace of three or four movies a week that I suffered a few years back when I was reviewing films regularly. These days I can pick and choose, and write about those that inspire me instead of those that are assigned to me, and take the time to craft some thoughts about them that I won't want to completely revise a week later.It's a good … [Read more...]

The Fighter (2010)

My review of The Fighter, a film by David O. Russell, is published at Good Letters, the blog posted daily by Image journal. … [Read more...]

Me Versus The Fighter

I've summed up my thoughts on the movie The Fighter... … [Read more...]

Looking Closer’s Favorite Films of 2010

This is a revised, expanded version of a commentary that was originally published as a two-part series at Image's blog Good Letters. You can read the original series here and here.]•2010 was a year full of unforgettable movies.And I still have many on my must-see list. For example, Carlos (by Olivier Assayas, who directed my favorite 2009 film), The Kids Are All Right, Animal Kingdom, Get Low, 127 Hours, Another Year, Mother, White Material, Somewhere, and Vincere, to name a f … [Read more...]

Thank You, Mr. President. … [Read more...]

Muslims Unite to Protect Christians

How's that for a headline?In my opinion, the most beautiful news story of 2011 so far is... … [Read more...]

Rev. Tim Keller on the Creation/Evolution Debate

Some believers refuse to consider evolution as a possibility, saying that the idea of an evolutionary process is directly opposed to Christian faith.Others embrace the idea of the evolutionary process as a way through which God might have created, and still be creating, the world.Pastors face a difficult challenge. How to lead when views on this issue are so inflammatory and divisive? … [Read more...]