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A Live Seattle event: Discuss Oscar’s 10 Best Picture Nominees with Dick Staub, Me, and Others.

Mark your calendars, Seattlites... … [Read more...]

Follow-up: The Rest of the Story Behind the “Man with the Golden Voice”

Remember my last post, in which I voiced some skepticism about the media frenzy surrounding Ted Williams, the homeless man with the "golden voice"? … [Read more...]

What? A Homeless Man Who Might Actually Be Worth Something?

If you’re online this morning, you’ve probably seen the viral-video overnight sensation. ... … [Read more...]

“… the best service anyone could render to art…”

A new quote for my collection of insights on faith and art … [Read more...]

Film Critics Say the Dumbest Things…

John Podhoretz: If you told me you didn’t like movies about boxing, I’d have to answer that you didn’t really like movies. … [Read more...]

New Overstreet Book News!

It's January 3, 2011 and there's a new book deal in the Overstreet household! … [Read more...]

Goodbye and Thank You, Mr. Postlethwaite.

This morning, we say farewell to one of my all-time favorite actors. … [Read more...]

Looking Closer’s Favorite Films of 2010

Part One of my list of favorite movies of 2010 has been posted at Image's Good Letters blog.Part Two will be up on Tuesday morning. … [Read more...]

Looking Closer’s Favorite Recordings of 2010

Here are my favorite recordings of 2010. … [Read more...]