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Decent Films Reviews Red Riding Hood

This morning, Brandon Fibbs posted this note on Facebook: Following the Red Riding Hood screening, I expressed my feelings about the film to a colleague who was lucky enough to have been otherwise occupied. “Was it really that bad?” she asked. “Bad?” I replied. “Hitler was bad. This was awful.” That should be all you need to know. But if you want something more thoughtful, Steven Greydanus reviews Red Riding Hood today at Decent Films.I decided right away to avoid this film. The trailer bor … [Read more...]

The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

Some of my thoughts on The Adjustment Bureau are posted at Image. … [Read more...]

Freewill, Predestination, and The Adjustment Bureau

There's a flourishing debate about freewill and determinism going on among moviegoers who have seen The Adjustment Bureau?Or, at least, the materials I was sent promoting the film made it clear that this was the intention.Are your friends all buzzing with concern about whether their movements have been programmed, or whether they are free enough to argue with God? If such a conversation is happening, what does that say about the film? … [Read more...]